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Policies & Procedures

Eternal Health and Wellness Massage Therapy

Privacy Policy
All information we gather is confidential and purely to understand
the client’s history as it pertains to the therapy they require.

24 Hour Cancellation & Late Policy
Our clients are obligated to contact us 24 hours in advance for cancelations. If 24 hours is not given then the client must pay full price for the session they missed. If a client arrives late to a session they will receive treatment during the remaining time and will have to pay for the full session. 

If you are suffering from any sort of illness, especially those which are transferable, we ask that you do not enter the center. In the event of a surprise illness we will be happy to refund or reschedule your session, even without 24 hour notice, with the presentation of a valid medical note. 

We provide receipts for every service we extend to our clients so that they may submit it to their insurance company.​​

Muscle Cupping - Cupping massage is a unique treatment which releases fascial restrictions.

It detoxes the body and boosts the immune system by moving lymph fluid and also increasing circulation.

This type of massage also plumps the skin to provide vital radiance.

The massage is performed as the therapist glides silicone cups over your muscles to gently lift them and release stagnant toxins in your body 

Throughout the process of massage therapy lymph flow stimulation occurs and enhances the immune system.

How does it work?

​Proper lymph flow which is the body's defence, draws out metabolic waste, excess water, toxins and bacteria from the muscles.

Swelling and soreness decreases while the ability to fight off disease increases.

Massage also improves circulation and posture.

Eternal's Massage Therapy Treatments​​

60 Minute Massage Session: $95

90 Minute Massage Session: $140

Deep Tissue - Focuses on an intensely therapeutic massage for overworked muscles, targeting specific areas in need of relief.

Our therapist has a natural talent for finding pressure points to relieve stress and pain. 

Sports Massage - Helps athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, post game recovery, and increased functionality during training. Sports massage focuses on prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.

Non-atheletes can also benefit from sports massages as they are good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.
The massage therapist will concentrate on specific problem areas discussed pre-massage.

Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage - Stones are heated to a comfortable temperature which the therapist  will then use as an extension of their hands to massage your muscles. The stones will warm your body and loosen your muscles to allow for a release of tension and stress without adding extra pressure. This massage is both relaxing and therapeutic.
Clients will feel an elevation in mood and strengthened circulation which comes from the heat of the stones creating greater blood flow and relieving chronic aches and pains.

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